I was invited to write a little something for the page. So here we go...

Where sweet green Pacific waters lap the toes of jungle covered mountains. 

If you visit or live in Golfito you will be impacted by Nature.   It is something that you just can’t help.  You may not think that you are a wildlife geek, but its in all of us.  Come out of the market and Scarlet Macaws are squawking as they pass overhead.  One can’t help but look and when you do…its the red, yellow and blue feathered package flapping gracefully out of your view.  Even though that’s common, it never gets old.

Cicada making the change.

Near the water there are numerous birds, ibis, frigates, pelicans and so many others.  The bay holds reptiles as well with perhaps the sea turtles being the most famous, but there are more.  A crocodile could swim by or even a sea snake may pass.  Potentially dangerous, both of them, but give them a wide pass and just enjoy seeing them as its such a rare opportunity. It goes without saying that there are plenty of fish inshore Bonita break water in schools and plenty of other fish do as well.  Offshore  Marlin and Sailfish or Tuna can often be seen free jumping in the Pacific.  There are dolphin offshore and inshore . Sometime whales and their babies breach in the Golfo Dulce. 

On Land there is more...a lot more.  Wildlife encounters can be everywhere.  The Titi Squirrel monkeys can show up behind a cafe or cross the monkey ladders over the highway.  In the backyard there can be a sloth in a tree with a baby slowly feeding on leaves.  An iguana can lumber crawl out of the grass. Maybe a Tayra or an Ocelot may creep across the yard. Everywhere!

Before long it will come up in conversation or on Facebook “Hey, look what I saw…”.  Cool…I saw one similar not long ago….”
Even though everyone is busy, always take that extra second and give that critter a long look and try not to forget how special the wildlife in this area really is.
Late night Ocelot crossing on a giant vine.

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