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I was invited to write a little something for the page. So here we go...
Where sweet green Pacific waters lap the toes of jungle covered mountains.  If you visit or live in Golfito you will be impacted by Nature.   It is something that you just can’t help.  You may not think that you are a wildlife geek, but its in all of us.  Come out of the market and Scarlet Macaws are squawking as they pass overhead.  One can’t help but look and when you do…its the red, yellow and blue feathered package flapping gracefully out of your view.  Even though that’s common, it never gets old.

Near the water there are numerous birds, ibis, frigates, pelicans and so many others.  The bay holds reptiles as well with perhaps the sea turtles being the most famous, but there are more.  A crocodile could swim by or even a sea snake may pass.  Potentially dangerous, both of them, but give them a wide pass and just enjoy seeing them as its such a rare opportunity. It goes without saying th…